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Whether you are looking to improve ROI, sales volume or expand your search, MakkPress uses the scientific approach to achieve your online business goals. We understand that the customer journey is not linear and PPC is that one touchpoint. That’s why we optimize all aspects for the best and comprehensive results. We are also a Google certified partner and being an expert in the eCommerce PPC zone for so many years, we are very rich in terms of knowledge and execution.

With our detailed experience of the eCommerce PPC process and years of knowledge, we can help you get the highest return against your budget. Our eCommerce PPC team consists of Adwords qualified professionals headed by a Google certified professional. A successful paid search campaign begins with an effective keyword strategy.

We do thorough research to source the keywords your target audience is searching for so you can use them to help potential customers find you online. We have expert knowledge of advanced keyword strategies and tools to help you discover keyword opportunities that will generate the most traffic from qualified customers and produce conversions.

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Outstanding Google Ads services

At MakkPress, we have experienced Google Adwords consultants. Whether you run an established online shopping business that needs professional expertise to increase the return on your Adwords spend or are launching a niche product that is so innovative and intuitive. The team at MakkPress would love to talk to you about the online strategies to get the most out of your budget.

We manage dozens of online campaigns, PPC and digital advertising campaigns and we also emphasize the fact that they get regular personalized attention and significant updates. We focus on the numbers and data to ensure your campaigns are constantly moving.

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Our Main eCommerce PPC Services

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    We, at MakkPress design and run campaigns for you on search engines like Google to provide your website with high-quality traffic from the relevant people who are actively looking for your products and services.

  • Display Advertising

    We design visually appealing ad banners for your company and make sure that they are shown to the right and relevant audiences across the internet. We make sure that you get high volumes of traffic at the lowest possible costs.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Via mobile marketing, we adopt a digital marketing strategy that aims at reaching a target audience on smartphones, tablets, or other mobile services via websites. This is especially useful for companies that want to market a mobile app or have mobile-specific products or services.

  • Video Ads

    They are the most engaging type of advertising asset. They can have a profound effect on the relevant audience, create an ever-lasting branding effect, and create an effectual brand recall.

  • Shopping Ads

    If you an eCommerce company, shopping ads will be the focal point other than search engine optimization. The shopping ads give immense exposure to the eCommerce brand enabling it to compete with the big players in the market.

  • Re-marketing Ads

    Re-marketing ads basically display ads targeted at users who have already visited your website through some acquisition channels. It is essential for any brand that wants to succeed online. Our team engages in a structured re-marketing campaign that pushes your prominent users down the marketing funnel towards conversion and also makes recurring purchases online.

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