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Leading Edge Group is an Australian-owned buying group with retail shopfronts in different vertices (Computers, Appliances and Jewellery). They are a global organisation operating in two major sectors- buying group management and sales channel management across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The company was looking for a web-based eCommerce solution that would enable the members of LEG retail stores to set up a system where organisations, schools and other entities could offer discounts to their employees and students on bulk sales of exclusive products.

How did MakkPress Technologies evaluate the client’s needs?

One of our experienced account managers responded to the client quickly and arranged an online meeting to understand the project requirements in detail. After learning about the client’s needs, MakkPress came up with the solution of building a VIP Portal where

  1. Retailers got their separate website to upload products or integrate their Shopify store to import them from the platform itself or other sources.
  2. Retailers could create organisation IDs where organisations create unique codes. There were 2 unique codes-
    1. for each school that could be used by anyone at the school to log in
    2. the one that could be used once by each student to buy
  3. Organisations could set start and end dates for all the codes.
  4. Organisations could offer a discount for specific products.
  5. Benefits

    • Organisations got the managerial role
    • Any employee or student could raise concern to their respective organisation

Designing and Programming

We had to build designs for VIP portal to match the branding of retailers of the store. For this, we built eCommerce features in the portal and empowered them with-

Product management- This helped retailers to manage products, product listing, set up products manually, select Shopify products from the list or upload bulk CSV. Product search option made way for easy edit. Also, products could be filtered by brand or category and sorted by date or inventory level.

Inventory management- Retailers could manage their inventory manually.

Reports- Retailers could see all the reports for each of the created codes.

VIP Codes- Retailers could create VIP codes.

Content section- Retailers could make basic changes to their store’s template like

  1. add logo
  2. add banner
  3. fix navigation

Testing & Deployment

We tested the custom solution after every new significant module was developed and the section was completed. After approval from the client’s team, we worked on other modules and sections to create an overall delightful experience.

Project Management

Our highly experienced project managers and team leaders used the latest management tools and communication channels as per client’s ease to deliver the best development experience. We scheduled a demo on completion of each module or section.


Live online support and training were essential, considering the complexities involved in it. So, we extended our support further. For training, we handed over our tech documents, translated comprehensively and sent guidance videos as per the need.

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