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Leading Edge Group is a buying group with retail shopfronts across different vertices (Computers, Electronics and Jewellery. The Australian based company has two main branches- buying group management and sales channel management spread across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The brand had custom-built eCommerce stores running for their members of different vertices. They wanted to migrate their 120+ websites to Shopify in one month. The company was looking for a reliable Shopify expert team who could enhance the performance of the member stores and ease store maintenance by overcoming the challenges that come across the way.

How did MakkPress Technologies evaluate the client’s needs?

One of our account managers responded to the client quickly and arranged an online meeting to learn more about the client’s requirements.

Gathering Requirements:

We designated a highly experienced and technically sound Business Analyst to understand the product requirements precisely.

  • The BA team prepared business requirement documents.
  • After rigorous analysis, they came up with the best UI/UX design to build custom themes for each vertical.
  • They prepared branding docs and collected the required information for migrating the data.
  • The BA team emphasised the importance of correct data.

Fortunately, GAP analysis revealed the status of each feature under the test. The BA team described what is working smoothly and where the issues were persistent.

After figuring out the risk factors, LEG was invited for a video conference. The client’s team revealed the hidden anomalies in the system as well as presented their concerns well before the beginning of the development. This meeting helped us to understand several intrinsic aspects of their business including-

  • How the client’s team managed products at the back-end
  • How the prices of products changed dynamically
  • How the products were categorised in each vertical
  • How stock inventory was being managed

After understanding the client’s concerns, we prepared the product data in the required format. Our experts faced several challenges in terms of safely moving the data without losing it.

Designing & Programming

We had to build new designs for all the vertices and move the data safely to 120+ websites without affecting their online sales. We created modern designs for Technology and Jewelry verticals. Additionally, we kept the back-end easy to manage so their in-house team could easily make most of the changes.

While doing this, we faced several roadblocks like un-organised data files from the brand, which made our work all the more difficult. Our highly experienced project managers and developers understood all the product categories and organised all the files to import them in the stores.

Testing & Deployment

We tested the custom themes after developing every significant module. After approval from the client’s team, we worked on other modules and sections as a collective whole.

Project Management

Our seasoned project managers and team leaders used our CRM to ensure that even the smallest of the tasks were completed in time. Besides this, we kept the client updated with the progress with the help of regular meetings.

Leading Edge

Business & Technical Challenges We Faced

We had undergone several technical challenges during this project’s life cycle, such as

Data Migration

We had to convert the existing data into Shopify’s format, which was one of the most challenging parts of the job as categorisation was quite different in their previous platform.


The client wanted some features similar to the previous technology they used. Shopify does not support these features. To deal with this, we had to build some custom solutions outside Shopify.


Live online support and training were essential, considering the complexities involved in the project. So, we extended our support further. For training, we handed over our tech documents translated in a comprehensive manner and sent guidance videos as per the client’s need.

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How did We reach a Viable Solution?

Our eCommerce storefront development journey was fascinating. The following are a few notable stages and steps worth mentioning-

  • 1. Behavior-driven Development

    It is an excellent approach to create a collaborative development environment and bridge the communication gap between the client and the development team.

  • 2. Planning

    We analysed the scope of the project and divided the work into several smaller tasks to ensure timely deliverables.

  • 3. Development & Deployment

    We used the latest tools to ensure the websites have the features requested by the client and are developed as per the latest standards in the industry. After rigorous testing and getting a thumbs up from the client, we deployed the system on the hosting server.

  • 4. Support & Maintenance

    After the project’s completion, we offered one-month after-support to ensure that the websites worked smoothly.

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