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Get a solution to all your Shopify SEO problems with MakkPress Technologies. Our experts will perform an audit of your site and identify what needs to be optimised to help you rank higher in the search engine result pages.

We have a good understanding of the factors that influence visibility to help you transform your business from being anonymous to becoming an established name in your industry. Hire Shopify SEO experts to drive people who matter the most to your business. Meanwhile, you can focus on creating plans for expanding your business.


Key Highlights

Our fully-managed Shopify SEO services include the following:

  • Shopify SEO audit of the website(including technical startup, module implementation, content service details, and external links and feed)
  • Shopify technical SEO, including detailed implementation instructions, so we can make the necessary programming changes.
  • Recommendation of Shopify modules or custom development for experiencing maximum SEO benefit.
  • Trouble-free navigation across your Shopify website for optimum conversion.
  • Social media recommendations to help boost Shopify SEO and relevant traffic.
  • The ongoing SEO strategy for your Shopify website.

How Shopify SEO helps Your Business

All of our Shopify SEO services can be divided into the following elements. With this relevant elements, we can build you a custom Shopify package with the perfect marketing focus that will help you to grow and groom your business. They include:

  • ecommerce

    The technical focus

    As this part of the work, we lay more emphasis on the URL structure, robots, canonical links, SEO friendly URLs, index no follows, and ensure sensible and reliable site maps. Besides all this work, there is also a focal point, ensuring that there is fast site speed- after all, what is the point of having a great product if your website is not accessible within a reasonable and expected time limit.

  • experience

    The product focus

    The products are the main foundation of any eCommerce website. Here, as this part of the work, we see that website structure and usability are appropriate or not so that potential customers can focus on the product range you re offering.

  • service

    The content focus

    This involves checking all the content on the website, such as services pages, product pages, Contact page, and home page. Our Shopify SEO experts adhere to the concept that there should be no redundancy when it comes to the content.

  • ecommerce

    The external focus

    This focus involves taking note of how your website is perceived and accessed externally. Our Shopify SEO experts undertake the work of building strong and useful links to your relevant website. We also focus on improvising its appearance on social media and ensure that more relevant visitors can be encouraged.

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Our Affordable Shopify SEO Packages

  • seo badge
  • seo audit
    • Industry Type

    • Keywords Top 10 Guarantee*

    • Number of Keywords

    • SEO Ranking Audit

    • Conversion Analysis

    • Keyword Research

    • Spam Backlinks Audit

    • Premium SEO Tools

    • Omnipresence and Citations (monthly)

    • Technical SEO Optimisations

    • Base Content Link Building(monthly)

    • Integrations and Interlacings

    • Premium SEO Tools

    • Reporting

    • Customer Support

  • Advance

    • Ongoing business looking for high and quick results, more than 100 products

    • 30%

    • 40 Keywords

    • *4x

    • *4x

    • *4x

    • Weekly Reporting

  • Modern

    • Looking for new business channels, consistent growth, less than 10 products categories, medium competition

    • 25%

    • 20 Keywords

    • *2x

    • *2x

    • *2x

    • Weekly Reporting

  • Basic

    • Startups looking to explore SEO posiblities, less than 5 products, low competition

    • 20%

    • 10 Keywords

    • 10 Hours Per Month

    • Monthly Reporting

Insightful and In-depth SEO Reports

Transparency is one of our core philosophies. It governs the way we prepare our Shopify SEO campaigns and the way we disclose information to our clientele. Our reports provide a snapshot of the Shopify SEO campaign and the results of those attempts to each customer. We are open about what we offer and each recommendation on what could be achieved with our services to bring out the best results. Your reports are more than just numbers. They are detailed insights. Got questions? Get in touch with our strategist and solve your queries.

Insightful and In-depth SEO reports

Stages of Our Shopify SEO Services

Our Shopify SEO services are divided into 5 major stages. By following these stages, we build you a custom Shopify package with a keen focus on marketing to help you to generate sales and grow your eCommerce brand.

  • 1. Technical

    In the technical part, we emphasize on the technical aspects of your Shopify store such as SEO friendly URL structure, robots, canonical links, index no follows, and ensure reliable site maps. Besides this, we focus on providing a fast loading website that keeps the users hooked on to the site.

  • 2. Product

    Products are the primary focus of any eCommerce website. We ensure that website structure and usability are appropriate so that potential customers can focus on the product range you are offering.

  • 3. Content

    This stage involves checking the content on the website, such as service pages, product pages, contact page, and homepage. Our Shopify SEO experts adhere to the concept that there should be no redundancy in content.

  • 4. Sales

    After the basics are done, we focus on building authoritative links that help in the high ranking of your store in significant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This blend of content
    and authority links generate inbound sales without having to pay for the ads.

  • 5. Branding

    This is where SEO starts to show its true worth. All the hard work done in previous stages starts paying off. Your targeted audience identifies your store as their go-to solution for their problems.

How to Choose a Shopify SEO Services Company?

It is not easy to choose the right SEO services company to increase relevant organic traffic and sales. This crucial decision can be a “make or break” moment for your Shopify store.

1. Have a Clear Vision for Your Store

It is best to have some specific goals in mind before employing an SEO agency to work on your Shopify shop. If you’re seeking to “gain organic visitors” or “earn more sales,” SEO can get you there.

A search engine optimisation company will understand right away what your expectations and intentions are. It will create a customized quote for the amount and kinds of search engine optimisation services the agency expects it will take to realize those goals.


2. Look for Companies with Experience of Shopify

Look for a Shopify SEO services provider that has experience with SEO campaigns. There is considerably more at stake when every visitor to your website is a possible customer, while SEO for eCommerce is very similar to other types of SEO.

SEO experts understand what it takes to create a user-friendly website that search engines and users love.


3. Beware While Choosing the Right Company

Beware of SEO agencies that guarantee you first page rankings within a month. Mind you, even when your website is optimised properly, it takes some time to reflect the results.

There are also “black-hat” SEO companies that attempt to deceive or manipulate Google’s algorithm but can cause more long-term damage than short-term earnings.


Why Choose Our Search Engine Optimisation Services for Your Shopify Store?

  • Nothing to Hide

    We charge no hidden cost. We send you the receipt if we have to make a purchase. We work on any strategy only after getting approval from you. You get regular updates on the tasks and campaigns.

    You get regular updates on the tasks and campaigns.

  • Experienced Team

    We have a team that has experience of over 10 years in providing SEO services to Shopify
    stores. We use the latest technology that is relevant and provides the best results.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    We appoint a dedicated manager for your queries related to the strategy, deliverables, and organic lead generation campaigns.

  • Worth the Budget

    We provide the value for each penny spent. When you partner with us, we value your money
    and every step we take is in the direction of making your business grow.

Frequently Asked Shopify SEO Questions (FAQs)

  • How much do Shopify SEO services cost?

    The expense of Shopify SEO depends on what all value added services you want. You can check our Ecommerce SEO packages

  • How do you do SEO on Shopify websites?

    SEO for Shopify consists of making your website user-friendly and ensure that it is in-line with all the search engine best practices. In simple words, your category and product pages should be easily understood, appropriately coded, possess the appropriate SEO components in the ideal places to boost your search engine visibility.

More than 5,00,000 eCommerce stores are powered by Shopify. Make sure you don’t become lost in the clutter.

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