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Our skilled Shopify developers analyse the pitfalls on your website to pinpoint what is holding you back. When you avail our Shopify speed optimisation services, we create enriched user-experiences with the help of a fast loading website. A website that loads fast gives a signal to Google that it is user-friendly. It enhances your ranking in search results and helps you get found by your target audience.


Why is a Fast Website Important?

Besides boosting your visibility in search results, a fast website helps your business in several other ways.

  • Reduces Bounce Rate- When your website loads quickly, users can easily search the products they are looking for, without waiting for long. It ensures that visitors stay on your site, further reducing your bounce rate.
  • Boosts Conversion Rate- A fast loading website impresses visitors. Availing services from a Shopify speed optimisation company further keep the visitors engaged and add up with other elements to boost your conversions.
  • Increases Revenue- A minor improvement in your website’ loading speed can create a huge difference in the revenue your Shopify store generates. If you are investing in marketing activities to grow your revenue, optimise your website’s performance first.

How We Optimise Your Website’s Speed

  • 1. Compress Images

    Big sized images are one of the most common reasons behind slow loading websites. Our Shopify experts speed up your site by compressing your images while retaining their quality.

  • 2. Reduce the Number of Page Requests

    We limit page requests in your site to ensure that your site doesn’t need to wait for external permissions that considerably reduce your website’s loading speed.

  • 3. Remove unnecessary Shopify apps

    As a Shopify speed optimisation agency, we discard all the unnecessary apps to ensure that your site only has apps that enhance functionality. It speeds up your website immensely.

  • 4. Update to Lightweight Shopify Themes

    After thorough analysis, if we find that your theme is the reason behind your slow website, we update it to a faster one that is easy on the eyes and loads swiftly.

  • 5. Minify Code

    We tighten the nuts and bolts of your code known as minification in the technical language to fix your poorly coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

  • 6. Organise Tracking with Google Tag Manager

    Our Shopify experts help you track your visitors’ data organising tags like Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Google Analytics, without creating additional baggage for your site to carry.

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What Makes Us the Right Shopify Speed Optimisation Company for You

  • Global Clientele

    We have worked with 1054+ clients around the globe. Our experts make sure that you leap ahead of the curve with a stunning website that loads in a jiffy.

  • Experienced Team

    When you partner with us for optimising the speed of your Shopify store, you get to leverage our 8 years of experience of working with established and budding businesses.

  • Client First Approach

    When you choose us as your Shopify speed optimisation company, you get an account manager who keeps you updated with your project’s progress. They are always near you with the help of Skype, email and phone.

  • Marketing Expertise

    At MakkPress, we understand that your website is the ultimate culmination of all your marketing efforts. Our marketing prowess helps us to ensure that your website stays user-friendly at all stages.

79% of online shoppers who have trouble with a website’s performance never return on it. Make sure your website is not one of them!

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