Our WooCommerce Expert Capabilities


AtMakkPress, we understand that the functionality of each online store is different depending on customer behaviour. Whether you need to integrate an additional payment gateway to increase the payment options for your customers or create a custom extension to ease the checkout process, our skilled WooCommerce developers cater to all your distinct needs with ease.


Our designers discuss your business requirements and ideas to create an eCommerce store that establishes your unique identity as a brand. Over the years, we have identified the key elements that help in keeping your customers engaged and shape their purchase decision in your favour. Our web designers create your website’s design keeping these elements in mind.


If you are hesitating in migrating your site to WooCommerce because of the complexities involved, you are simply missing out on your potential sales. Whether it is content, code migration or SEO redirects, our WooCommerce experts make it a cake’s walk.

Digital Marketing

Your online store can be profitable only when it is visible to the people who have the purchase power to buy your products. Right from fuelling your search engine ranking, staying in the users’ mind 24*7 via social media to running paid campaigns that bring in quick sales, we manage all the aspects of your online store to shape your success story.

Boost Your Sales Figures

We don’t believe in hollow promises but actual results. When you make MakkPress, a partner in your growth, we analyze your website inside-out to identify the key improvement areas that can be immediately banked upon and the ones that need a long-term strategy. Whether there is a need to improve your store’s design, search engine visibility or the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, we deal with the problem right at its root to create a successful store. As a result of our result-oriented approach, our clients have boosted their sales.

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Why Choose MakkPress for Your WooCommerce Store?

  • Proven experience

    Do you prefer experience over skills? We have both. Our experienced and skilled team of experts has created success stories for clients across diverse industry verticals. We have helped hundreds of clients reach their business goals.

  • Elite eCommerce knowledge

    Take advantage of our knowledge of all major Ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shift4Shop etc. We know what tools and features work for any specific niche and help our clients reach their goals much quicker.

  • Quality assurance

    Graphics, content or technical aspects, we undertake multi-step quality analysis to ensure that your website operates effortlessly across devices and browsers in the world of rapid technical evolution. We make sure that your website surpasses your expectations and renders an enriched user-experience.

  • Dedicated account manager

    You will experience fast, easy and clear communication from your Project account manager, Our Account managers are highly skilled and proven to be best working experience for our clients.

  • Marketing pro

    Each business has a different customer base which could be targeted depending upon industry type and customer behaviour. Some businesses like consumer goods, fashion work better with social media channels while others work better with display ads and emails. Our Experienced Marketing Strategists can help your save huge amounts on your marketing spends while getting you better results.

  • Credible website

    With the consistently expanding digital ecosystem, there is no dearth of beautiful websites that offer similar services.Our skilled team of designers goes an extra mile to create a website that casts a positive impact on your visitors. We present your accomplishments in the best light to establish a sense of trust and brand superiority in your buying prospects.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What would be the average cost to hire MakkPress Technologies for a WooCommerce store?

    We build custom WooCommerce solutions. Our prices are based on the features and automation the store has. Our account managers will help you map out exactly what you need and will provide you detailed pricing for it.

    With their knowledge, you can plan your eCommerce store avoiding any general roadblocks. Fill the form and one of our account managers will get in touch with you immediately or in up to 12 hours.

  • What UI-UX best practices and quality assurance do you follow?

    We create visually engaging UI-UX responsive designs with seamless browsing experience. We have built our own unique QA process over the years. All the stores that we create are tested across browsers and devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) to make sure you never lose out on sales.

  • What is your payment model and which payment mode do you prefer?

    Our pricing model includes both fixed and hourly mode of payment. This model can vary as per your requirements. We analyze the whole project and its requirements before deciding the price structure.

  • Do you offer support services post completion of the project?

    Yes, we offer 30 – 90 days Shopify development support to all our clients to keep a check on the consistency of the built website. We also offer paid support and maintenance services after the completion of the support period.